Friday, June 05, 2009

The Rhythm Game With No Name

The title does not refer to this abomination but to a new game I've embarked upon. I recently played Bit Trip Beat and the game is so bloody brilliant that it has forced me to try my hand at making a game where the levels get generated based on any mp3 you throw at it (a la Audiosurf). The general idea for now is to have a bunch of minigames that get presented to the player in a rapid sequence.

There seems to be a wealth of literature out and the thing I first did was implement the ideas suggested here

Thankfully, with the release of Flash Player 10, Adobe lets you get at the bits in a song (earlier versions only let you access spectrum information for the particular slice that was playing).

Initial thoughts on the gamedev article: It worked brilliantly for "I Turn My Camera On" (by Spoon) and not so good for messier songs (Head like a hole). Its highly unlikely that the output from these is going to be as good as the hand-coded patters you see in Guitar hero/rock band.

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