Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bollywood Nexus

Bollywood Nexus is now up on the site. In the game you're presented with a puzzle where you have to guess the name of an actor/actress/movie/director based on the connections to other actors/actresses/movies/directors. I've been working on it sporadically for 3 months or so, and I'm quite happy with the way its turned out. So far I've found that I get sick of any game I work on, but I still had some enjoyment playing this game.

The game stems from an entertainment quiz my friends and I set during our final year at IIT. It did give a sense of balance to the quiz (which would otherwise have been littered with NIN references and building trivia). I'll see if I can dig up that quiz and stick it up online somewhere. The most pleasing part of the game is that it'll generate a virtually unlimited number of puzzles (obviously after having made the rather small database of names and their relationships)

Bollywood is a wonderfully incestuous industry which is what makes this game work so well. Its a bit too 'campy' which is why you'll see holy trinities like Shahrukh-Preity-Rani, or Sanjay-Salman-Dhawan popping up frequently.

Please play and give feedback

And the answer is Sunil Shetty.