Monday, September 01, 2008

Currently Playing : Audiosurf and Trials 2

Audiosurf and Trials 2. Both are quite brilliant. Audiosurf is probably the ideal indie game. Chris Crawford, founder of the GDC, once said how games should aspire to be process-intensive rather than data intensive (read about that here). This is probably more relevant to an indie developer who can't afford to spend time 'creating data' (such as manually placing markers on a Guitar Hero track and licensing popular songs). I'd also venture to say that it would have been a lot of fun to design, constantly pruning the ruleset and then testing it out to see the results on various songs.

'Nuff has been said about Trials 2 over at RPS. I love the fact that they actually modeled the effect of the shock absorbers on the rear wheel. Lean back, accelerate, and at the edge of the ramp lean forward to get a boost. Which means that you can now have courses involving all sorts of crazy jumps. I'm also glad that they didn't have a 'Choose your Avatar' screen, or allow you to add decals to your bike or any such nonsense.

Audiosurf and Trials 2. Both are quite brilliant. Both are on Steam at 10$ apiece. Go buy.

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