Thursday, November 13, 2008

Currently Playing : This is Africa a.k.a Far Cry 2

Instead of writing about the gorgeous locales and graphics, or the sandbox design I just thought I'd post an entry from Qurbani Singh - The turbanator (since he resembles another patka-wearing assassin) journal.


I had one mission where I'm supposed to destroy a truck that is bringing in arms supplies to the city. So go to my safe-house, set the timer to sometime around 10 pm so I can move around in the dark (and intermittently look at the spectacular moon). I wake up, hop into my vehicle. On the way I lay waste to one of the guard posts. The next guard post is across a bridge, and they spot me while I approach and open fire. My vehicle is trashed, and as I try to evade them I fall onto a ledge jutting out of a cliff, with no apparent way of getting back up to higher ground. I look down at the river flowing beneath me. Seeing no other option I dive, survive the fall, and swim to the shore. Another guard post lies somewhere ahead on the river bank. I slowly move through the grass, sneak up behind one of the guards, kill him with my machete, run, grab the boat and set off towards the area where the arms-truck is expected to arrive.

So I'm tracking the truck as its moving along its route, and about a mile away I hide behind a rock, pull out my rocket launcher. As the arms-truck approaches, I jump out fire the rocket and blast it, it flies upwards. I'm just admiring the wreckage, tires bobbling around, the nearby grass is on fire, the driver and armed guards are dead, and there's a nice message on the screen saying "Objective completed".

Then I look up, the truck is falling down, heading right towards me. Too late. I'm crushed beneath it and die.

What a game!

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hollywood Nexus

After making Bollywood Nexus, I thought it would be a fairly simple matter to make a Hollywood version. Creating a 'good' database for the Hollywood version was more painful than I anticipated. The main reason is that, if you were to pick any two famous names from Bollywood, chances are that they would have worked in a movie together (Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are the exception that proves the rule). Thats not the case for the Hollywood. So the database needed to have

a) Famous actors/actresses who are likely to have worked with each other
b) The movies they've worked in together shouldn't be too obscure.

In any event the database has been made, as well as the other minor modifications necessary. The game is up on the website.

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